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Most of us don't know what it mean to be authentic. But it sounds like something we want!

"Incredibly, my highest goal at age twenty-two, fresh out of Bible college, was not to be a man of faith or a pastor of great influence. My deepest determination was to be absolutely and always authentic. Yes, godly and biblical, of course; holy and humble by God's grace—but in it all, I deeply desired to be authentic. Not fake or phony—not a guy who publicly phones it in, while in private his heart is far from God. And hopefully never a person who conforms to the pressures others collectively put on us. I live for an audience of One, and, in the end, only His view of our authenticity matters. If you long to be authentic, I think you'll love this book."—James MacDonald

Authenticity is not copied, fake or hypocritical. It's about basics. Simple. Truth. Transparency. It's always a good time to root out the inconsistency in our walk with Christ and begin to practice true biblical authenticity. It's your time to develop the disciplines of a sincere faith.

But where do we start and what should we do? Let's begin here: a Bible and this book. Let God define for you some essentials of authenticity. You will never be the same.

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