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We will steward your gift by spreading the gospel and planting churches around the world.
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Change Partner

With an army of Change Partners standing with us we can sustain the ministry day-to-day and month-to-month to keep the message going out on the airwaves.

We love our partners and seek ways to bless them. That’s why in addition to your welcome gift, we make available a monthly teaching resource, a lifetime discount on purchases, access to insider information and more.

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Change Partner Plus

A Change Partner Plus has taken the next step to stand with the ministry at a greater financial amount. They help us multiply the ministry. A Change Partner Plus participates in all the benefits of our Change Partners, plus they receive every new book published by James MacDonald.

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Challenge Partner

Challenge Partners help us expand the ministry. Their generous and faithful support allows us to consider new ministry opportunities that go beyond our current outreach. We try to meet up with our Challenge Partners every time we’re traveling and love to reserve special seating for them at conferences and events. We equip Challenge Partners with resources for their own personal ministry and keep in contact with them through special mailings that include each new preaching series.

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