The truth is we all deserve to be stoned for our sin. But God did not send His Son into the world to condemn. Jesus came to tell us to stop hurting each other and to stop hurting ourselves. Learn to follow His example and Drop the Rock of condemnation.

Drop the Rock

It’s often difficult to see your own sin clearly, but when you do, it changes everything. Stop being blind to your own sin and magnifying the sin of others. The transforming truths in this message will help you avoid labeling, condemning, and the kind of judgment that is far from Christ-like. Bonus God at Work stories included.

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Drop the Rock + Psalm 23 4-CD Set

Life in Christ is not about just getting by with white knuckles and gritted teeth. God wants to lead you beside still waters, help you to lay your burden down, and give to you in abundance. Pastor James will guide you through this picturesque and profound passage, taking you beyond surface comfort to all the riches the true comfort of the Lord contains.
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