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The power and presence of God are available to you today, and the resources below are going to help you discover this amazing truth. It’s time to stop allowing your personal challenges to defeat you. Instead, allow your understanding of the bigness of God to encourage you to keep fighting— knowing that He is with you and that through Him, all things are possible!

I want to help you discover what it means to depend on the Lord and rest in Him. It’s all about understanding who He is and what He wants to do in your life. Because the same God who routed armies and toppled kingdoms, who healed the sick and fed the multitudes, who defeated sin and conquered death—this is the same God who wants to work in your life too. 

- James MacDonald


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  • GOD IS BIGGER 3-CD series

  • BIG GOD SMALL ME 10-DVD set, booklet, and promise cards

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