Feeling powerless can be a common feeling among people today, even believers. But did you know there’s a power source available to you greater than anything (or anyone) you could ever face? God wants you to be filled with Holy Spirit power today so that you’re ready to take on any obstacle.

You don’t have to live a weak life. You don’t have to be a victim of culture. And you certainly don’t have to live stuck in old, unhealthy patterns of behavior. You’ve been given the Holy Spirit, and His power can change your life!


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Daily Devotional & DVD teaching How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit. Plus, bonus music video by Meredith Andrews, “Spirit of the Living God!”

5-part audio series, with 5 bonus messages on USB:

Holy Spirit Help (And How You Can FInd It Every Day)

1 -  Jesus Preaches the Holy Spirit

2 - Non-Evidences of the Holy Spirit

3 - How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

4 - More Biblical Evidences of the Holy Spirit

5 - How We Forfeit Holy Spirit Filling and How to Get It Back


1 - Q & A with James and Kathy

2 - Convicted About Change

3 - Our Highest Calling

4 - The Glorious Holy Spirit

5 - The Power Source

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