If you're searching for purpose, security, direction, and hope, you won't find what you're looking for in a deeper knowledge of self. Get to know more of Jesus.

  • I AM Bible Study

    His identity is no mystery. Throughout the book of John, Jesus reveals who He is through seven I am statements. Discover how the claims He made 2,000 years ago can profoundly impact your life today.
    This new study also includes a copy of the Gospel of John from James MacDonald’s personal Bible. It’s our thank you for your gift to the ministry of Walk in the Word.

  • ESV Bible + I AM Bible Study

    When you question your purpose and abilities, hear God answer with who He is. Because the solution to knowing who you are is not found in a deeper knowledge of self— it’s found in a deeper knowledge of Him through Jesus Christ.
    The ESV Journaling Bible (with margins for observations, prayers, and praises), colored pencil set, Bible Marking Legend, and the "I am." Bible Study are our thank you for your gift of $90 or more.

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