Relationships in our lives can be either a source of pain and hurt or a haven for joy and love. The key is to put God first. Then friendships can be established, families restored, and marriages strengthened and made better than ever!


“Relationships . . . they affect us so much, and when we invite God in, they can become the life-changing, faith-building, iron-sharpening exchange God created them to be. I’m so excited about these resources, and I am sure they will encourage you to focus on Him in a greater way in every relationship you have.”

—James MacDonald

Marriage Makeover

God designed your marriage to thrive, not just survive. If you’re ready to feel the fire that pushed you to say the words “I do” in the first place, you need to experience a Marriage Makeover. Request this 2-CD audio set today.

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Family Revival Collection

This life-changing collection features some of our most-requested resources on the subjects of marriage and family, including:

  • The Marriage Makeover 2-CD set

  • Family Matters on DVD

  • The complete 10 Commandments of Marriage series on DVD

  • The MacDonald Family Values art print (frame not included)

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