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Even if you have failed a thousand times, God’s Word can give fresh traction to help you break free from sin. Don’t stay stuck in negative thinking, depression, or unhealthy and ungodly choices. Access God’s power to control what you think, how your feel, and what you do.


    Put common struggles in your rearview mirror. Get free from things like fear, depression, and sexual sin—nothing is stronger than the power of God! He has a plan for you, and will reveal it to you as your life moves forward under His direction.

    Receive the Unstuck: Fresh Traction for Common Struggles 6-CD series as a thank you for your gift of any amount.


    The light of Jesus Christ shines in the darkest corners of life and provides clarity on the toughest issues. Wisdom about alcohol, God’s perspective on sexuality, the truth about Satan, and the reality of God’s wrath, are just a few topics included in this hand-selected collection answering common questions.

    Messages include:

    • Convicted about Speech

    • Why Trials?

    • Come Home Sensual Wanderer

    • What Does the Bible Say about Divorce?

    • Wise Up about Alcohol

    • Does God Leave Sin Unpunished?

    • Unstuck from Sexual Sin, Part 1

    • Unstuck from Sexual Sin, Part 2

    • God’s Money: View it Vertically

    • What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality?

    • Finding God in Moral Failure

    • 10 Things You Should Know About Satan

    • Comprehending the Wrath of God

    • I am Dead to That

    • Self in the Dirt: A Picture of Repentance

    Receive the Straight Talk on Tough Issues 15-CD set and the Unstuck 6-CD series for your gift of $90 or more.

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