You are perfectly, unconditionally, and forever loved by your Heavenly Father. When you receive and share that love, it’s a catalyst for God to transform every area of your life. There is nothing stronger than real, selfless, Biblical love. It’s time to let God’s love transform you and everyone around you.

I am beyond excited about a new teaching resource my wife Kathy and I have put together for you this month. For as long as I can remember, Kathy has sent handwritten notes of encouragement to people as God leads. It’s part of her personal ministry, and she’s so faithful to it. She’s blessed so many people with this simple act of love, and I want to share that with you today. Please don’t miss this.

—James MacDonald


  • Pastor James’ no-nonsense teaching “Love Without Condition” on DVD to help you discover what Biblical love is all about. 

  • Five specially designed notecards to send to people you love. 

  • Greetings from the Heart, a special writing guide from Kathy MacDonald that will give you simple and caring phrases to help you find the right words for any occasion.

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  • The Loving Your Neighbor 10-CD set (filled with relationship-building sermons)

  • A beautiful set of five notecards 

  • The Greetings from the Heart booklet by Kathy MacDonald 

  • Loving Your Neighbor 10-CD set

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